Adhesion Science

  • Surface Science

    The chemical composition of a surface dictates whether an adhesive will make adequate contact, allowing for a bond. Unique factors like cleanliness and surface texture affect adhesive performance. Surface science examines these and other characteristics that impact the surface of a substrate.

  • Adhesive Chemistry

    The unique adhesive chemistry of an individual adhesive will, in part, determine it’s suitability for a given bonding application. Not only will chemistry play a role in an adhesive’s ability to bond to the surface, but different chemistries will respond differently to stresses – loads, temperatures or environments.

  • Joint Geometry

    Joint Geometry, or the shape of a bond, will impact performance of an adhesive bond, as will the direction and intensity of the stresses. Not only do adhesives respond to stress differently than mechanical or thermal fasteners, but different substrates and adhesive chemistries respond differently as well.

Adhesive and Tape Formats

Adhesive Bonding: Connecting Two Materials

Measuring Adhesion