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Making a great impression couldn’t be easier.

Fast, accurate digital impressioning with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner is easy on you, your patients and your budget.

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Accurate. Affordable. And a great fit for your practice.

3M™ True Definition Scanner for digital impressioning

  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner Monitor and Wand

    Whether you want to add digital impressioning to your existing workflow or expand your digital footprint, the 3M™ True Definition Scanner provides unparalleled accuracy, ease of use and affordability. Our 3D-in-motion video technology generates a true replica of the patient’s oral anatomy in real time—giving you more visibility. More control. Right from the start.

    • Proven to be more accurate—and more consistently accurate—than other leading intraoral scanners 1

    • Innovative design for fast, easy and comfortable intraoral scanning

    • Low cost of entry into digital impressioning, with a unit price of $15,995 plus an affordable monthly data plan

    • Efficient workflow from scan to lab, with secure transfer and seamless integration with leading manufacturers


    1 For additional information, see Accuracy Studies below.

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  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner for Dentists

    With long-span bridges, multi-unit restorations and full-arch dentistry, there is little room for error. That's why more of your colleagues are using intraoral scanners for digital impressioning. With a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7% for dental restorations, the 3M™ True Definition Scanner delivers the accuracy you need for your most challenging cases. 2 Doctors who have used it say restorations just “drop right in.” By helping ensure the right fit, right from the start, the 3M™ True Definition Scanner can help you lower material and labor costs – and improve patient satisfaction.

    Workflow for Dentists (PDF, 337 KB)

    Brochure – Dentists (PDF, 1.60 MB)

    Data Plans – Dentists (PDF, 196 KB)

    2 Data on file.



  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner for Orthodontists

    Patient satisfaction and referrals are critical to the success of your practice. With a small wand for faster, more comfortable scans, the 3M™ True Definition Scanner helps you deliver a positive patient experience. The ability to review 3D scans in real time may even help engage patients and increase acceptance of treatment recommendations. Using this intraoral scanner can help enhance the image of your practice with state-of-the-art equipment … minimize the time and discomfort of chairside adjustments … and improve the productivity of your practice.

    Workflow for Orthodontists (PDF, 276 KB)

    Brochure - Orthodontists (PDF, 1.21 MB)

    Data Plans – Orthodontists (PDF, 185 KB)

  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner for Dental Labs
    Dental Labs

    The 3M™ True Definition Scanner makes accurate, true 3D replicas with extraordinary detail and saves them as industry-standard STL files. The streamlined digital process helps improve turnaround time by eliminating manual ditching, die cutting and model trimming. Our exclusive 3M™ Margin Marking Software allows lab technicians to precisely mark the 3D mesh to ensure accuracy throughout the entire workflow, from fit to finish.

    Workflow for Dental Labs (PDF, 782 KB)

    Lab Packages (PDF, 182 KB)

  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner Accurate Scan

    The better the scan, the better the fit. 3M™ True Definition Scanner impressions have been used to create thousands of restorations and orthodontic appliances at a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7% for dental restorations. 2 The scans are so reliably accurate that many cases don’t even require a model. That translates to precisely fitting dental restorations and appliances, with fewer retakes and remakes. Fewer adjustments. And a better fit right from the start.

    Accuracy Studies (PDF, 129 KB)

  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner Wand Profile Comparison
    Ease of use

    The 3M™ True Definition Scanner wand is designed for fast and easy scanning. Lightweight and ergonomically balanced, the wand allows one-handed scanning from multiple positions. It handles like a traditional dental handpiece, and its narrow, angled tip provides easy access to the posterior. And with the smallest profile of any intraoral scanner wand on the market, it makes the experience more comfortable for your patient.

Open and Trusted Connections

Our open-architecture files can be used in a number of CAD/CAM workflows including model printing, design and milling, and are easily converted and imported into leading software systems for digital design and production of restorations and orthodontic appliances.

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